Rise of the Winged Serpent (The Destined Guardian Series Book 2)

Erik Daniel Shein
Rise of the Winged Serpent (The Destined Guardian Series Book 2)



Evil stirs in the darkness. Seraphina Miles can feel it bleeding into the world around her, suffocating the life of every living creature. The shadows become its playground, while it stalks the new Guardian. Evil will not stop until it possesses the magic flowing through her veins.

Part of her wants to run as fast as her feet can carry her, but Sera’s destiny prevents her from giving in to her fears. Too much is at stake. Now that she is aligned with the elemental fire rippling just beneath the surface, the fourteen-year-old must learn to control her element without unleashing its rage onto the world around her.

With the mythical phoenix at her side, Sera’s next step is to align the winged serpent, Challis, with the next Guardian, so that the golden serpent can rise again. From the very moment Sera gives Maya her amulet, the two girls find themselves on a race against time. Maya must possess the courage to become the next Guardian and harness the elemental winds that whip around her. If the new Guardian cannot master her new powers, all will be lost.

With no room for error, the girls must combine their magic to protect the world from Bianca before she unleashes the deadliest creature to ever walk the earth.

The Destined Guardians Series
1.Call of the Phoenix
2.Rise of the Winged Serpent
3.Path of the Forgotten
4.Land of the Unknown
5.Last of the Chosen
6.Battle of the Ancients

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