Clear Glass (The Vision Chronicles) (Volume 8)

Chariss K. Walker
1oftheonez BOGUS LIES [1/2] Origins of Micheal the Arch Angel being Jesus Christ



In The Vision Chronicles 8th and final book, James Lewis has been shot. After relentless moments of heart-pounding suspense during the past year, everything has come to a head. Nate Potter attacked the manor and managed to shoot James directly in the chest just as the vision had shown. The last thing James heard as he collapsed on the breakfast room floor is three more gunshots. In mental and physical anguish, James doesn’t know if his family has been murdered, too. He doesn’t want to live in a world where Danny is gone. Is Nate still a threat? Are James’s struggles over or are they just beginning? Did he lose his chance for happiness with the woman of his dreams? Find out how the story ends…