Hearts, Flowers & Romance

Mimi Barbour
Hearts and Flowers – Road to Nowhere



Especially for Valentine’s Day 2014, I’ve put together a set of lovely romances that will bring you only pleasure!!

Surrogate’s Secret***Spicy romance takes place in the romantic city of Santiago, South America. Surrogate twin’s futures are contested when a rich uncle from Chile decides he has the right to take them back to their father’s homeland. The birth mother ends up marrying him to keep her babies and the battle begins.

She’s Not You***Sweet and tender, this story is like the words of the famous song that Elvis sings so dreamily. Our hero meets a new girl who starts replacing the fantasies of his old love. Except, as the song goes, he thinks – it’s breaking my heart cause she’s not you. But will he continue to believe that?

She’s Me***Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have another soul move in and take up residence in your body – two of you having to share one brain? What if you’re in love and the other persona can help you win your man?

Partners***Every good series must begin somewhere. With characters who need an introduction. With a plot that will drive those characters into changing the path they travelled, find something in each other and start a whole new future. A future full of action that never stops- constant conflicts and a whole lot of loving.