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Mimi Barbour
mimi’s mix



Surrogate’s Secret:

Her twins mean the world to
surrogate mother, Sheri O’Connor. Since the donor parents were killed before
their birth, she gladly takes on the responsibility to raise them herself. When
their Chilean Uncle, Miguel Rivera, arrives unexpectedly to take them back to his
country, she unravels and coldly informs him that isn’t going to happen. Because
they’d used her eggs in the process, her claim supersedes anyone else’s. Never
in a million years does she dream that the South American heartstopper wants
her babies so much that he will force her to marry him by threatening to
withhold the money she needs for an operation for her tiny son.


Miguel knows women aren’t
to be trusted. After all, didn’t his devious fiancé give him up for dead and
marry someone else while he spent months being held hostage in the jungles of
Columbia? If his mother hadn’t brought a team to save him and end up getting
shot during the rescue, he wouldn’t be alive. Therefore, if the only thing that
can stop his Mamacita from succumbing to her wounds is to adopt his dead
brother’s surrogate children, then he will do anything to see that happen. Even
marry the ditzy blonde whose saving grace is her gorgeous body, beautiful face
and her absolute devotion to her babies.

His Devious Angel:

Without the angel forcing him to brake, Liam could have killed the gorgeous girl who ran in front of his car to save a little boy. He owed the rescuer big time and would pay his debt no matter that she acted cranky and became more difficult with every meeting. After all, how hard could it be to walk a bunch of mangy mutts?

Men are scum and no one can tell Sadie any different. It’s why she stays away from them. Until a crazy, hotshot soldier runs her down with his convertible. Now because she’s bruised and sore, she’s stuck having to accept his help in her elite dog-walking business. Just her luck that some of the expensive pets go missing, and Liam decides the puppy-mill rumor needs to be investigated. And once they’re forced to spend more time together, mutual attraction spirals out of control.

He’s Her:

A casino owner from Vegas, Rhett Parks, was relaxing on a bench in a small English town. To his dismay, a young woman interrupted his sanctuary. A minute later, his body was out cold on the ground and he was taking up residence inside of the intruder – schoolteacher Carrie Temple – and without her permission.

Her first words get out didn’t solve anything because he had no idea of how he got in. During the next few weeks they fought each other, taught each other and began to love each other, not an easy accomplishment considering the situation, but doable, as Rhett proved to sweet, naïve Carrie.

They became involved with strange Dr. Andrews who assured them he had the answers to solve their problem, but Rhett’s brother Ashley, who they turned to for help, was absolutely certain, that the man they were putting their faith in, was a charlatan and a quack.