Pig Out!

John Rester Zodrow
‘Pig Out!’ by John Rester Zodrow



Poor Moses. His classmates are horrible to him. They think he’s weird because he can’t speak a word. Plus, the downright greediest man in the whole world, who owns a cruel Factory Farm, is stealing his only friends, a pet calf named Rita Too and ten little pigs!

Deciding to risk using the mysterious gift he

possesses of talking to animals, Moses recruits Reddy, the pesky piglet, Rhode Island Red, a

love-starved rooster, Dishwater, the hissing cat,

and two stubborn, kick-crazy mules to create a

daring rescue plan.

But things go hilariously wrong!

And if Moses is found to blame, his secret

power will not only be exposed, he will become a

permanent outcast! And his family will be ruined!

Can Moses pull off a miracle? The odds are against him and time is running out!