Spyglass (The Vision Chronicles Book 2)

Chariss K. Walker
‘Spyglass ‘by Chariss K Walker


In the second book of The Vision Chronicles, Mike Lewis is back!

Living in Juarez, Mexico, he has a new name, a new identity, and a new way to see visions of the future. Now, as James Lewis, he is equipped to put the past behind him and start a new life. He believes the company is off his trail. Through the spyglass, James has been shown visions of a future with a wife and family. That is exactly what he has always wanted and sets out to make it so. When James finds Danny, he discovers that the woman of his dreams has been terrorized by Nate Potter for the last six years. The nasty-tempered stalker has successfully intimidated each of Danny’s previous love interests and scared them away by threats and physical violence. Each time, Nate’s attacks became more vicious until now, he is out for blood. Now, Nate’s eyes are focused on James and he is determined to stop the romance before it gets started even if he has to kill someone. (Adult content)