The Devil Wears Timbs

Tranay Adams
The Devil Wears Timbs by Tranay Adams



Growing up in the infamous Jordan Downs projects in Los Angeles, California, with no father and a dope fiend for a mother, Eureka and Anton Jackson have never had it easy, and things are about to get worse.

With the threat of being without food or shelter, Eureka makes a judgment call to do whatever she must for her and her little brother to survive. When that decision goes wrong and they are forced to go on the run from enemies who want to bury them six feet deep, their lives quickly spiral out of control.

The stage has been set and hell is the playground.

Can they rebound from one bad choice after another or will they further descend into the bowels of hell where The Devil awaits, not with fire and brimstone but with deadly vengeance, donning a pair of Timbs?