The Diabolical Doctor: A Steele Russell Thriller

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Robert G. Carlson MD
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The Diabolical Doctor:

A Steele Russell Thriller

Please note that the sequel to this best selling medical mystery is now available on amazon: The Cost Of Living.

>>> The controversy of stem cell research meets the thrills of Tess Gerritsen’s Harvest in The Diabolical Doctor.

  • Who has the right to kill your unborn child?
  • Who has the right to sacrifice your life for their own fame and fortune and for the good of their wealthy clients?
  • Dr. Kentley Sinclair, cutting-edge human cloning researcher, may not have that right, but who is going to stop him?

>>> Medical thriller that delves into the dark side of stem cell research

The Diabolical Doctor is part one of a two part medical thriller that delves into the dark side of stem cell research and exposes the motivations of a cruel, megalomaniac physician.

Luring pregnant girls through an inner city woman’s clinic, Sinclair insists that his research can save their supposedly endangered babies, instead, he uses their wombs to grow his stem cells to help save the hearts of wealthy clients and then disposes of both mother and baby.

>>> Will it be that easy?

One man, heart surgical resident Dr. Steele Russell, finds himself drawn into this vicious plot when Anna, the daughter of a beloved mentor, becomes entwined in Kentley Sinclair’s lethal web. Steele visits Dr. Sinclair to investigate his research but has no clue of the bizarre chain of events to follow. Dr. Sinclair quickly realizes that Steele could disrupt his multi-million dollar cloning and stem cell research project and that he must be disposed of as quickly as possible. But will it be that easy?

As the body count escalates, Steele depends upon his previous training as an Army Ranger to try and overcome unimaginable odds, protect his friends and avoid getting killed.

Most Helpful Reader Reviews

  • “Another great book by Robert Carlson MD.! I could not put this book down” – Lorretta Bebermeyer
  • “A must read for anyone who enjoys a good medical drama/mystery.” – Beth
  • “Book one of a two part story is a medical thriller that will have you clinging to the edge of your seat.” – Michael Beas