The Ghost in the Closet

The Ghost in the Closet
The Ghost in the Closet



Some say seeing ghosts is a gift, but
after losing her job, Dumdie Swartz says “Hogwash”. 

Since she was a child, Dumdie has seen ghosts. Over the years, she developed several tics and quirks to hide the fact. When her boss witnesses several of these occasions, he fires her, thinking that she suffers from mental issues that could hurt his business.
Without a job and money, Dumdie becomes just another old woman living out of her car. As winter approaches, her luck changes. Dumdie secures a room in a homeless shelter. But all isn’t well. The ghost of the former owner of the converted mansion haunts Dumdie’s room because she is distressed over her lost will.
When the shelter is threatened with closure, Dumdie must make a decision. Does she continue to hide her gift or does she use her talents to save the shelter…and herself.

A novelette set in the world of Andor, where humans fight off demons of all ilks.