The Godhead and Humanity – Vol. 1

Paul Omo Umane
Achieving The Godhead (Live at El Sótano, Panama)



The Godhead and Humanity (Mystery/Thriller) – vol.1 -4, which has on print-on- Demand and formatted into eBooks by, have Worldwide Distribution Rights.
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What the Godhead and Humanity (Mystery/Thriller) is all about?  The book is a complete knock-out.
  It comprises of a religious, state/political governance of the entire universe under the auspices of the Almighty God.  It is the outcome of an over six-years-research-project I conducted into the Old and New Testament Bible.  The volume1 deals with data collections, collations and presentations on the Old Testament Bible while the volume 2 does the same on the New Testament Bible. In a nutshell, it vividly captures the story-line of God’s creation of the universe and the humanity and the exploits of notable world Leaders.  It includes the story of the Great men of God such as Noah and the Great flood; Abraham and the call by the Almighty God that birthed the Old Covenant of Promise.  Others are Jacob/Israel the ancestor of the Israelis and the descendants, the world wide acclaimed chosen race; Moses and the encounter with God and the resultant Ten Commandments that the Almighty God gave to the Jewish race and by extension, the Proselyte-Jews. It also examines the existing relationships that existed and continues to exist between Israel as a nation and her Greek/Gentile neighbouring nations.
The Volume 2 deals with how the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, manifested on the planet earth to reconcile man/woman to the Godhead. It gives background information of the redemptive works of the Lord Jesus Christ.  It also succinctly captures the works of the early Apostles such as the St. Peter, John, Jude, Paul and the Apostle James.  Other great men whose works came under sharp focus are Professor Arius Montano; St. Jerome and the Great Martin Luther King.
This is a must read books for all who are highly interested in rescuing humanity from the precipice of disaster (Rev.20: 11-15).
 It is a must read Mystery/Thriller for those keenly interested in restoring PEACE and HARMONY to the decadent world on the basis of TRUTH and JUSTICE, especially in the Middle East.  
Fellow-humanity,kindly join hands with me to make earnest, sincere and passionate appeal to the WORLD LEADERS,  notably the Superpowers to understand that reconciling the Great peoples of Israel and the Palestinians is the GATEWAY to restoration of brotherhood, sisterhood and by extension,  son/daughter of Abraham through the Seed, the Lord Jesus Christ. 
Grab a copy today and you will be glad you did.