The Thrill Seekers

Dan Weatherington
The Thrillseekers – Escape



It was exciting, the kind of excitement they were seeking. It was exciting because it was different. It was exciting for now. But, they knew that soon it would stop being different. It would soon stop being exciting. They had climbed mountains in Tibet and jumped headlong into the sky over Hawaii’s Diamond Head. They had swam with great white sharks off Africa and been scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef. Even these things had become boring. David and Lynn Logan were members of an elite group… the spoiled super-rich. Now, they were discovering a source of the excitement they so dearly craved. They had found that it couldn’t come from things that could be purchased. It wouldn’t come from daredevil exploits. But, it could come from helping others in ways that most people either wouldn’t or couldn’t do. This, they found… was the ultimate thrill. It was the ultimate sexual high.