The Volume Two Report: Findings and Recommendations (The Creation and God’s Everlasting Covenants Promises Book 4)

Paul Omo Umane
He is (In Genesis, He’s the breath of life) – First Assembly of God (Best Worship Song)



Volume Four deals on the Findings and Recommendations on Volumes Two, from our findings, we came to the logical conclusion it is the fusion of the tenet of the Old Covenant of Promise and some of the idolatrous practices associated with the Roman’s idol worship into the true tenet of the New Covenant of Grace that is solely responsible for the sharp disagreements between the Apostles Paul and James. It consequently resulted in the various acts of mayhem in the Middle East in particular and the entire globe in general. The admixture was formally legalized in the enactment of the Muratorian Fragment or the Canon List by the Roman Emperor-in-Council with the active collaboration of the Jewish Authorities and the Papacy in 800 AD. It is a very sad commentary indeed for us to say it is the admixture that is solely responsible for most of the bloodsheds occasioned by individuals and sometimes state organized acts of mayhem and what have you in the entire globe, especially in the Middle East Region of the world!