Through Eyes That See

Nadyne Hicks
Nadyne T Hicks Interview Part 1 of 2- Through Eyes That See



At the tender age of thirteen, Darcy Preyer begins to question her belief system and the conventional bible-believing adults who instilled it. Darcy’s mother, Lillie Preyer, marries Wilder Coles, a saintly man who knows all about the bible but not much about himself. Trapped in an abusive home where she is silenced and neglected, Darcy’s intuition of what is right and true is constantly challenged by her situation. She is thrust into hell on earth as she realizes the adults around her are blinded from the truth. Confused, Darcy retreats into a world where she is occupied by serious questions. Afraid of losing her inner voice, she embraces new ways of coping to avoid her contradictory reality. Will Darcy find the answers she is desperately searching for, and what will be her destiny? In Through Eyes That See you will accompany Darcy on her fascinating journey, with surprising and thought-provoking results. About the Author: Nadyne T. Hicks has a degree in English, with a concentration in American Literature and Culture from the University of California, Los Angeles. Born in Camden, New Jersey, she currently resides in Los Angeles, California with her family.