‘Tis the Season

Mimi Barbour
Muppet Christmas Carol – ‘Tis the Season



She’s Not You – 2013 Christmas Romance is about a young mother, sick and alone, who gets a helping hand from a stranger. Our hero doesn’t need another woman like his sister who takes advantage of his good nature…or does he?

Together for Christmas – 2012 Christmas Romance is about a sweet-hearted do-gooder whose spirit travels into the body of a grumpy workaholic. He has no time for such things as Christmas. Ahhh, she needs many chores done in time for the holidays. Since there’s no one else but him to help her, something has to give.

Loveable Christmas Angel – 2012 Christmas Romance is about a young woman who travels to Hawaii on a quest to find an aunt and ends up with a small boy to care for and a wealthy hotel owner she can’t forget. Thank goodness a loveable angel is on hand to make the magic happen.

Christmas Runaway – 2011 Christmas short story is about a runaway teen who’s lost in a snow storm until a lone woman chasing after her dog rescues her. When her father stumbles upon them, it’s a romance even the cold can’t douse.