Vegas Series

Mimi Barbour
‘Vegas Series’ by Mimi Barbour



Vegas Series – 6 Hot thrillers under one cover!

Add in romance sizzling from every page. And… humor that’ll get you laughing
out loud. If you like great characters then this is a must read!! Cops, crime,
mob violence, female detectives who take the lead and sexy heroes. This set has
it all!!!

***Aurora Morelli is the type of heroine we all want to be
like. She’s gutsy, smart and a force to be reckoned with. When a scummy rapist chooses
to hurt someone she loves, she won’t rest until he’s caught and behind bars.
Her new partner, Kai Lawson, arrives – a purse-carrying baldy with baby blues
that twists her control and leaves her in a tailspin with needs and wants. Problem
is – they have to work together.


Book #1 – Partners – Suspense ripples when two hotshot detectives first meet to

down a rapist.

Book #2 – Roll the Dice – “You shot me? How can she be attracted to
someone with such a

bad aim?

Book #3 – Vegas Shuffle – He leaves her pregnant and miserable. It damn near
broke his heart.

Book #4 – High Stakes Gamble – He’s back! Does she shoot him? Or forgive? After
all, he’s

helping her search for their missing baby girl.

Book #5 – Spin the Wheel – if you like weddings, you’ll love this book.

Book #6 – Let it Ride – now it’s the partner’s turn to get messed up by a man
she’s tried so

hard to forget. What can a girl do when he’s held for ransom by two killers?

You’ll love this series and find yourself wanting more…!! Check out the reviews
– it’s what most of them have to say.