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Harry Potter E-Books Plan Worries Bookstore Owners

24th June, 2011

NEW YORK (AP) — Author J.K. Rowling has joined the 21st century on her own special terms. One of the world’s most famous digital holdouts, Rowling announced Thursday that a new interactive website,, will be the exclusive se…

Rowling Casts E-Book Spell

24th June, 2011

After years of refusing to release her books in electronic format, Rowling is launching an online store that will sell Harry Potter e-books directly to consumers.

With Pottermore, J.K. Rowling Gives Harry Potter The (Very Lucrative) Elixir of Life

23rd June, 2011

Around 4 AM PDT this morning, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling unveiled the latest addition to the massively successful series: a website called Pottermore, which will feature, among other things, Harry Potter eBooks (which have never been legally av…

UK’s Physical Bookstores Frustrated With Pottermore

23rd June, 2011

etailers have criticised J K Rowling’s decision to sell the Harry Potter e-books directly through the Pottermore website, with Waterstone’s saying physical bookshops are \”effectively…

Leanpub: How to Turn Your Blog into an Instant E-Book

23rd June, 2011

So. You got a blog. You want to turn it into a e-book, with a minimal amount of fuss and hard work. You need Leanpub. It’s a new service for writers who want to do minimalist home-grown publishing on their own terms, in a variety of formats that will…

The New Market For E-Book Spam Content

23rd June, 2011

With Google (NSDQ: GOOG) clamping down on content farms, the attention of those looking to get rich quickly from churning out content is now turning to major e-book retailers—and to selling stolen and replicated content.

A key star…

Pottermore: If Big Authors Do Not Need Big Publishers, Then What Are Big Publishers For?

23rd June, 2011

If the rumours are true (and they would seem to be) and JK Rowling has sidelined the publishing industry to put the Harry Potter series…

ArtsBeat: Rowling Releases ‘Harry Potter’ Into the Ether on Pottermore

23rd June, 2011

J.K. Rowling, the author behind the Harry Potter series, said Thursday in London that a new Web site built around the series will also sell the e-book editions of the seven books.

In praise of … John Locke | Editorial

22nd June, 2011

He has become the first author to sell a million ebooks without a publishing dealThe great John Locke proposed the tabula rasa, the blank sheet on which experience writes human characters. Outside philosophy, the empty page is an image to terrify wri…

Barnes & Noble eBooks Outsell Print Books Three to One

22nd June, 2011

For those who still think that eBooks aren’t going to last, you might want to talk to Barnes & Noble CEO William Lynch, who told investors on a conference call yesterday that his company’s digital books now outsell all formats of its print booksâ…

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How One Publishing Company Is Defying Digital

22nd June, 2011

PORTLAND: Mass-producing books for an ambivalent market has led to fears of the death of publication. With Kindles, tablets, and e-books thriving, what place remains…

Is It Ethical For A Literary Agent To Also Be A Publisher?

21st June, 2011

There’s something new going on in the literary world these days: Some literary agencies are starting up their own publishing divisions….

What Should Publishers Do Now We’ve Got Self-Publishing?

21st June, 2011

Technologically driven unemployment is really hardly new: we?re pretty much out of buggy whip

Barnes & Noble 4Q loss larger than expected

21st June, 2011

NEW YORK (AP) — Barnes & Noble reported a larger fourth-quarter loss than analysts expected Tuesday as the bookseller continues to invest in its e-book reader Nook and as liquidation sales by rival Borders hurt its revenue.

British Library and Google bring 18th-century hippos to the web

20th June, 2011

Digitisation project will make out of copyright books from 1700 to 1870 available online, including account of Prince of Orange’s stuffed animal interestsAn 18th century treatise on the Prince of Orange’s interest in a stuffed hippo will join one of…

Meet The First Indie Publisher To Sell A Million Kindle Books

20th June, 2011

Amazon is touting its self-publishing platform today with the announcement that John Locke has become the first independently published author to become a member of the “Kindle Million club,” selling over 1 million Kindle books using Kindle Direct …

Writing and Publishing Your Book #1

19th June, 2011

Welcome to Publishing U and thank you for visiting! I plan on helping those of you who are eager to?

Amanda Hocking Gets The Times Magazine Treatment

17th June, 2011

Amanda Hocking, the star of self-publishing, was sitting in the front seat of her Ford Escape earlier this spring when she spotted a messenger delivering…

Magazine Preview: Storyseller

17th June, 2011

How Amanda Hocking, 26, having reached peak rankings on the Kindle e-book best-seller list, solved the publishing business all by herself.

Amazon’s Kindle Spam Problem

17th June, 2011

Amazon is beginning to have serious problems with spam books on their best-selling Kindle platform.

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Harry Potter Author Launches New Website—Could It Be An E-Bookstore?

16th June, 2011

Visit and you’ll see a magenta homepage, two owls, a “coming soon,” and that’s it…oh, except it’s also launched by J.K. Rowling. Cue a collective internet “OMG” as Harry Potte…

Review: Five E-book Readers for Less than $175

16th June, 2011

NEW YORK (AP) — When’s ground-breaking Kindle e-book reader came out in 2007, it cost $399. Now, some e-readers, including the most recent Kindle entry, can be had for just north of $100. At the price of five or so hardcover books, it’s c…

Every good ebook needs a good editor | Harriet Evans

16th June, 2011

With the advent of ebooks, self-publishing has exploded, convincing some authors they don’t need publishers. But what about the editors?Even if, like me, you don’t particularly love the experience of reading an ebook, and think that a novel that does…

Richard Nash: Publishers Have Lost Their Way, Becoming Printers and Distributors Rather Than Matchmakers

15th June, 2011

Thanks to the Amazon Kindle and the rise of ebooks, we now live in a world where publishers are an anachronism. Or so we’re told.

One person who doesn’t entirely buy that narrative is Richard Eoin Nash. Four years after selling the celebrated indy p…

Australian minister predicts the end of bookshops

14th June, 2011

Politician says that in five years’ time three-dimensional bookstores will have disappearedAn Australian politician has predicted that bookshops will be wiped out within five years, prompting widespread outrage among the country’s booksellers.Speakin…

New Kindle Series Uses Digital Tricks To Entice Tweens To Read The Classics

14th June, 2011

A new digital-only series aims to get kids to read the classics by integrating them into modern adventure books. Booksurfers, a new adventure series created solely for the Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) Kindle and aimed at 9- to 12-year-olds, follow…

Waterstones’ E-books Supply Not Threatened By HMV Sell-Off

13th June, 2011

The sale of UK bookseller Waterstones to Russian billionaire Alexander Mamut should not hamper its ability to sell electronic books.

Thanks to the internet, we’re all literary omnivores now

11th June, 2011

Where once the book world was controlled by the critical establishment, the IT revolution has shifted power to the peopleThe koala bear lives on eucalyptus leaves. The goat will eat almost anything. As readers, we might aspire to the ascetic diet of …

Amazon To Price Kindle Under $100 By Christmas?

10th June, 2011

Expect to see Amazon offering a Kindle for less than $100 by the end of the year. In a research note offered by Citigroup, analyst…

Kobo And Nook Step Up The eReader Game

9th June, 2011

This week, though, e-book readers just took their first slimy steps out of the primordial soup. Both Barnes & Noble and Kobo, its far less…

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CrunchGear Reviews The Barnes & Noble Nook

9th June, 2011

Short Version: After a few day with the new Nook I was hooked. It is a pure reading experience condensed into a device the size of a paperback and with a super-crisp e-ink touchscreen. The Nook is, in short, the best ereader from a major player I’ve …

State of the Art: Two New E-Readers Move the Plot Forward

8th June, 2011

Both Barnes & Noble and Kobo have introduced nearly identical e-readers that are clearly intended to embarrass the industry leader, the Amazon Kindle.

2011 Indie Book Award Winners Announced

8th June, 2011

Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group has named the best indie books of 2011….

Citi Analyst: Kindle Will Be 10 Percent Of Amazon Sales In 2012

7th June, 2011

As books goes digital, Amazon is managing the transition nicely with the Kindle. Amazon now sells more Kindle books than print books, and offers nearly a million ebook titles. In a research note that just went out this morning, citi analyst Mark …

Authorized Steve Jobs Bio Hits Pre-order, Already Tops Charts

6th June, 2011

Apple’s unrivaled ability to build pre-launch hype for a product seems to have carried over into an unlikely market: ol’ fashioned books. Like, those things you read. Publishers Simon & Schuster announced that they’d be publishing the first exclu…

The Newest Kindle Millionaires

6th June, 2011

(NASDAQ:AMZN)– today announced that Lee Child and Suzanne Collins are the fifth and sixth authors to sell over one million Kindle books, becoming the latest…

James Patterson Makes Startling Amount In eBook Sales

1st June, 2011

NEW YORK — James Patterson is an e-book mega-seller. The Hachette Book Group announced Wednesday that e-sales for the prolific author of such blockbuster series…

The Future Of Literature: Porn, Cyberterrorism And The Russian Mob

1st June, 2011

This long post is a primer on what’s happening / happened to publishing, and also some models for revenue going forward… The models, of course,…

Google eBooks Hit HOW Many Downloads?!

1st June, 2011

For decades now there’s been a question as to whether or not books would stay alive in the modern world. While a silly question when…

3 Things We Want to See in the Next Kindle

1st June, 2011

Amazon is positioned to advance the Kindle platform much faster and further than they have in any 6-

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Hands-On With The New Nook: Watch Out, Amazon

1st June, 2011

I have egg on my face, hands, and in my hair. Last year I called a premature end to the ereader race, stating that the Kindle was first to market and therefore in first place. I’m pleased to report that I was wrong.

The new Nook is without question …

Comparing The Latest E-Readers—Our Chart

1st June, 2011

This year has been a busy one for e-readers. Just in the last five months, four new devices have been announced, including two last week. Prices continue to drop—Kindle With Special Offers came out at $114—and new features are…

Yes, People DID Buy A Heck Of A Lot Of eReaders Over Christmas

27th May, 2011

You’re looking at data collected by Google. You can probably guess that the lines on this chart represent how often the search terms are entered…

E-Book Report: Nook Is Up, iPad Still Catching Up

27th May, 2011

NEW YORK (AP) — As the publishing industry wrapped up four days of digital talk at its annual national convention,’s Kindle was seen as the clear, if not dominant, player in the growing e-market; Barnes & Noble’s Nook was considered a…

B&N Says Foreign-Language E-Books Selling ‘Outrageously’ Well in U.S.

26th May, 2011

Selling foreign-language print books in the United States has always been tough due to high prices, hurdles at customs and the difficulties of transporting physical stock. Barnes & Noble (NYSE: BKS) expected that selling foreign-langu…

B&N Unleashes A New Nook: Touchscreen E-Ink, 2 Month Battery, $139

24th May, 2011

Barnes & Noble just unveiled the latest and greatest Nook ereading device at a special NYC event. It’s a simple device, really. In fact B&N stated that this revamped Nook is the easiest to use ereading device on the market. The touchscreen en…

Billionaire Book Battle? Burkle Adds to Barnes & Noble Stake After Malone’s Takeover Bid

24th May, 2011

Grocery magnate buys more shares at $18.49, above $17 takeover offered by Liberty Media.

Amazon Hires Publishing Big Hitter

23rd May, 2011 has hired publishing big hitter Laurence Kirshbaum to run its New York Publishing office….

The Case For Self-Publishing

23rd May, 2011

Many thousands of years ago, when I was still a whelpish newspaper reporter in Chicago, I did a short profile of a retired television repairman…

Kobo Introduces New Touchscreen E-Reader, Drops Original Model To $99

23rd May, 2011

Kobo launched as a Borders-based alternative to the Kindle hegemony, and while their e-reader was perfectly decent, I wouldn’t say it was feature-competitive with Amazon’s latest. They’ve announced today a new device that may not match the Kindle (or…

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Liberty Media Bids for Barnes & Noble

20th May, 2011

Barnes & Noble said John Malone’s Liberty Media offered to acquire the book retailer for $1.02 billion, sending Barnes & Noble shares up sharply in after-hours trading Thursday.

Amazon Now Sells More Kindle Books Than Hardcover and Paperback Combined

19th May, 2011

It was bound to happen, but no one really thought it’d happen this fast. In a press release sent out this morning, online mega-seller Amazon announced that Kindle books are now outselling both print and hardcover books combined. It took a little over…

Amazon Says Now Selling More E-Books Than Print Books

19th May, 2011 this morning says the company is now selling more e-Books than print books. The crossover

Amazon Expands To Mysteries And Thrillers With Fifth Publishing Imprint, Thomas & Mercer

18th May, 2011

Amazon is launching its fifth publishing imprint today—a mystery and thriller focused vertical called Thomas & Mercer. This joins Amazon’s other imprints, including Amazon Encore, AmazonCrossing, The Domino Project, Montlake Romance.

Thomas &…

Daniel Menaker: A Rejection Is a Rejection

17th May, 2011

If you’re curious about this kind of thing, what goes on inside the submission process of publishing, here are 8 edited examples of the rejection notes I got, through my agent, for 25,000 words of a memoir.

M.J. Rose: Tough Love: Things No One Is Brave Enough to Tell Self-Published Authors

17th May, 2011

No writer can entirely devote him or herself to the muse. Not one who is traditionally published. And not one going the self-publishing route. So how much work are you are you going to have to do?

Should Apple Brace Itself for a Nook Invasion?

17th May, 2011

You wouldn’t think that Barnes & Noble (NYSE: BKS), one of the most embattled retailers in the n

When Dinosaurs Ruled The Books

14th May, 2011

This is a really weird time to be a writer. Agents are becoming publishers; publishers have moved to “the agency model”; and some self-published authors are making millions—all because e-books are now outselling all other segments. Magazines and ne…

Barnes & Noble Proves It’s Not Dead Yet

13th May, 2011

Shares of Barnes & Noble (BKS: Charts, News, Offers), the largest American brick and mortar bookseller, have plunged 80% in the past five years as…

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What Is A Book? Book Publishers Can’t Answer The Question

13th May, 2011

The book publishing sector has woken up to the revolution that is now beginning to quickly redefine it – and is falling over itself to…

Book Reviews: Critics vs. Amazon Reviewers

13th May, 2011

In the age of rapid digital revolution in publishing, when readers have book review options ranging from decades-old publications like The New Yorker, The New…

It Is Finished: The New Yorker iPad App Is The Beginning Of The End Of Print

12th May, 2011

I’m a die-hard paper fan. I have a few shelves of books in almost every room of the house and I love taking a stack of magazines or newspapers on a plane – this is so ingrained in my psyche that I actually save magazines a few weeks before a long tri…

Book Business Twists In To New Shapes To Face Its First Digital Challenge

12th May, 2011

The book publishing sector has woken up to the revolution that is now beginning to quickly redefine it – and is falling over itself to stake out unfamiliar new digital credentials.

Publishers Navigate The ‘Open Road’ Of eBooks

10th May, 2011

When the popular World War II novel From Here to Eternity was first released in 1951, the subject of homosexuality in the military was taboo….

Jason Pinter: How Will Ebooks Change the Author Experience?

10th May, 2011

In the end, the act of writing a book will not change. Yet as the publishing world changes, as do the ways in which readers digest books, many of the most meaningful moments in an author’s career will be lost or different in a way to make them unreco…

Are Paperbacks On Their Way Out?

10th May, 2011

All manner of metrics in publishing point to one fact – e-book sales are now beginning to take off in a big way….

Video Interview: Lulu’s CEO Changes Direction As E-books Take Shape

10th May, 2011

Lulu was founded in 2002 to let independent authors self-publish their books. But, with the e-books market now taking off, self-publishing is a space rapidly being joined and redefined by larger outfits like Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) and book p…

Japan Earthquake Twitter eBook Now Becoming Print Book

10th May, 2011

An avid Twitter user’s desire to help Japan recover from the devastating March earthquake and tsunami has resulted in a charity e-book based on material…

E-book Sales Are Exploding And Hurting Paperbacks, Publishers Say

10th May, 2011

All manner of metrics in publishing point to one fact – e-book sales are now beginning to take off in a big way.

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What You Need to Know About E-Reading

9th May, 2011

Project Gutenberg, Google Books, and Mediabistro ‘s free e-books page are also good resources.

Could Social Reading Site ‘Bookish’ Become ‘IMDB For Books’?

6th May, 2011

Get your summer reading list ready, a new books site, Bookish, will launch on Labor Day. The site promises to be part content, part retailer and part recommendation engine—a unique literary web cocktail. Backed by publishing bigwigs like Simon &…

The Week’s Hottest Reads: What Book Is The #1 Bestseller?

6th May, 2011

— HARDCOVER FICTION 1. \”The Sixth Man\” by David Baldacci (Grand Central Publishing)…

Fly Or Die: The BlackBerry Playbook Vs. The Color Nook

6th May, 2011

Tablets and electronic book readers are on a collision course. In this episode of Fly or Die , ChrunchGear editor John Biggs and I discuss the pros and cons of the new BlackBerry Playbook and the Color Nook from Barnes & Noble. The PlayBook is…

Barnes and Noble Will Announce a New E-Reader May 24th

5th May, 2011

In case you haven’t heard, Barnes & Noble’s flagship Nook Color recently got a great big overhaul with an Android-powered OS update. The results were so impressive, in fact, that Technologizer’s Harry McCracken went so far to christen the Nook a…

Penny C. Sansevieri: Understanding How the Traditional Publishing Model Works

5th May, 2011

In order to succeed in publishing, you must have a working knowledge of all facets of the market. Understanding traditional publishing is one of them.

The Death Of The Ereader

5th May, 2011

The ereader’s days are numbered. Though 6 million ereaders were sold in 2010, experts predict it is all downhill from here for these devices, which…

Bertelsmann Buys Digital Marketer Smashing Ideas For Random House

5th May, 2011

Bertelsmann AG has acquired digital media agency Smashing Ideas, Inc. for its Random House division. While the match between an established book publisher and a digital marketer seems curious at first glance, Random House and Smashing Ide…

Buying Short Stories Ala Carte With Kindle Singles: A Glorious New Market?

3rd May, 2011

Will Kindle Singles be the short story delivery vehicle that rescues the market?

eReaders Do Not Support College Student Needs, Study Suggests

3rd May, 2011

A study of how University of Washington graduate students integrated an Amazon Kindle DX into their course reading provides the first long-term investigation of e-readers…

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UK Bought A Fifth More E-Books In The Last Year

3rd May, 2011

The growing popularity of digital readers such as Amazon’s Kindle and ebook titles by authors including Stephen Fry and Stieg Larsson helped boost UK sales of digital book products by 20 percent to £180 ($296.61) ($296.61 (£180) m…

Amazon Has Ordered Color Kindle Tablets, Expected Before Holidays

3rd May, 2011

Quanta, a Chinese hardware manufacturer, is reporting that they have received an order from Amazon to build new Kindle tablets, potentially with fringe field switching display touchscreens that may or may not mimic the screens found in devices like t…

UK ebook sales rise 20% to £180m

3rd May, 2011

Figures boosted by Amazon’s Kindle and popularity of Stephen Fry and Stieg Larsson ebooksThe growing popularity of digital readers such as Amazon’s Kindle and ebook titles by authors including Stephen Fry and Stieg Larsson helped boost UK sales of di…

No Improved Displays This Year, Says E Ink

2nd May, 2011

One of the main features of the latest version of the Kindle was its new “Pearl” E Ink screen. It offered better contrast, faster response, and so on. And since we’ve gotten so used to new stuff being given to us every year, I guess we all just kind …

Kindle, Nook, Other eReaders Wrecking Publishing Industry?

2nd May, 2011

Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, and other e-readers might dangle the prospect of convenience for millions of bibliophiles around the world, with their light…

The Week’s Hottest Reads: What New Book Is Number 1?

29th April, 2011

— HARDCOVER FICTION 1. \”The Sixth Man\” by David Baldacci (Grand Central Publishing)…

Could eBook Spam Or Malware Corrupt Your Kindle?

28th April, 2011

Earlier this week a ZDNET blogger discovered links to what seemed like spam sites within an eBook that he had purchased in the Kindle store….

Comic Strip Questions New Kindle

28th April, 2011

From Zoe Triska, Huffington Post: Penny Arcade questions the new Kindle with their new comic….

Barnes & Noble: Microsoft-Patented Nook Features “Trivial,” Licensing Fees “Exorbitant”

27th April, 2011

The licensing fracas Microsoft is whipping up around Android and, in particular, Barnes & Noble’s Nook e-reader gets another chapter today, as B&N submits its 50-page response to Microsoft’s suit. Their position and language are aggressive ou…

Amazon Shipping New Kindle Earlier Than Expected

27th April, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO — Inc. said Wednesday that it began shipping its newest Kindle e-reader – a lower-priced, ad-supported version called Kindle with Special Offers…

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Penny C. Sansevieri: The Future of Publishing

26th April, 2011

A lot of people claim that traditional publishing is broken and will eventually die. I disagree. The big six will survive and so will agents. Here is how I foresee they will do it.

New Website Helps Aspiring Authors

26th April, 2011

In the old days of publishing, getting your manuscript into the hands of an editor often meant mailing the unsolicited finished product to the offices…

eBook Innovation: Is Stodgy Old Barnes and Noble Cooler Than Amazon?

26th April, 2011

Yesterday, I received this press release from Loud Crow Interactive:
On Monday, May 2, renowned writ

Levi Johnston Writing Book About Palin Family

25th April, 2011

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Levi Johnston is promising to set the record straight about the Palin family. Touchstone Publishing has a fall publication date for Johnston’s…

Why The Nook Upgrade Is A Big Deal For The eReader Market

25th April, 2011

That’s right, I said e-readers. True, it looks like a tablet, runs like a tablet, and delivers a lot of the value tablets deliver, but…

The New York Review Of Books Reviews Self-Published Book

25th April, 2011

\”Dear Marcus\” is a self-published first book by someone with no connection to New York publishing. At the age of twelve its author, Jerry McGill,…

Nook Color Update Brings Froyo, Email, And Apps To The Color “Ereader”

25th April, 2011

The Nook Color has always been considered a wannabe Android tablet and the latest update makes the 7–incher more tablet than ereader. Previously, modders opened up the platform to all sorts of Android tomfoolery, allowing users to run nearly stock A…

Over 1 Million People Wrote an eBook Last Year. What Are They Trying to Tell Us?

25th April, 2011

With over a million eBooks created during the year, what are people trying to get at?

Amazon Launches German-Language Kindle Bookstore

22nd April, 2011 Inc. said Thursday that it has launched its Kindle e-book store in Germany, bolstering a catalog of German-language books that it had already offered…

Kindle for Android Tablets, Available Now

22nd April, 2011

For the new wave of touch screen operating systems, a Kindle app is a status symbol. iPad? There’s a Kindle app for that. Android phones? Ditto. Blackberry Playbook? Sorry, no. WebOS? Nuh uh. Now, you can add Android 3.0 Honeycomb to the list of plat…

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Which eBook Has A 250-Person Waitlist To Check Out From The New York Public Library?

21st April, 2011

Amazon is finally in a lending mood. The world’s largest online retailer is opening its popular Kindle e-reader to 11,000 libraries in the US, allowing…

Death Becomes Them: The Imperfect Art of Posthumous Publishing

21st April, 2011

When an author dies, what happens to his unfinished manuscripts? From Max Brod’s famous refusal to burn the papers left behind by his friend Franz…

eBook Evolutions: Author Perspective

21st April, 2011

This is the first of a series of ongoing posts I plan to do on the changes in the publishing industr

Vampire Titanic Novel: The Next Literary Mash Up

21st April, 2011

Publishing director Marc Gascoigne bought world rights directly from author Forbeck to the title, Carpathia. The novel sees a handful of \”Titanic\” travellers being rescued,…

Kindle gets library book lending

21st April, 2011

Users of Amazon’s Kindle e-reader will soon be able to borrow electronic books from libraries in the US.

Kobo Reveals Last Month’s Funding Round: $50 Million

19th April, 2011

Borders-backed e-books seller Kobo has disclosed the amount of the funding it raised last month and it’s pretty huge: $50 million. It also says it raised $13 million from existing investors, but it still won’t say who led the …

EReader Kobo Raises $50 Million More

19th April, 2011

Kobo, the maker of an eReader, has raised $50 million more in venture funding led by an unnamed inst

10 Ways eBooks Are Changing Our Lives

19th April, 2011

The Hermitage Bookshop in Cherry Creek North, decidedly old-school with its oak furniture and elaborate Persian rug, isn’t where you’d expect to find a fan…

There is a moral imperative to create a universal library | Peter Singer

19th April, 2011

Rows over copyright law may have held up Google, but surely governments can find a way to democratise knowledgeScholars have long dreamed of a universal library containing everything that has ever been written. Then, in 2004, Google announced that it…

The E-Books Explosion Will Displace Paperbacks, Hardbacks And Apps

19th April, 2011

Today, I published a short piece of research for Enders Analysis on ebooks. As Enders is on a subscription model I can’t paste it here, but the summary bullets capture the flavour:

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Karen Dionne: Why 99-Cent e-Books Are a Bad Deal — For Authors

18th April, 2011

When authors publish their books electronically, most price their titles between $2.99 and $9.99. However, a growing number of authors are pricing their online offerings for as little as 99 cents. Why is this?

Amazon Stock Gets No Lift From Less Expensive Kindle

18th April, 2011

We believe that the new Kindle will be popular with advertisers but might not translate into signifi

Everything On Borders’ Shelves Is For Sale, Including The Shelves

18th April, 2011

In this age of Kindles, Nooks and iPads, when was the last time a line formed outside a bookstore? On Sunday, at the Borders in…

Ebook sales pass another milestone

15th April, 2011

Electronic books have become the largest single format in the US for the first time, new data revealsEbooks have become the single bestselling category in American publishing for the first time, according to new data released yesterday.The latest rep…

‘But You Can’t Sign eBooks!’ Well, Now You Can

14th April, 2011

For passionate literature fans, one of the more stifling limitations of eBooks (well, eReaders) has been their inability to capture the precious autographs of a book’s author. At least until now. At a signing for his book “Hyperformance,” author and …

Anne Hill: What Authors and Readers Need to Know About eBooks

14th April, 2011

The smart money says that things will get worse before they get better. Publishers will have to start thinking more like software start-ups. Are you ready for some aspirin yet?

Is Print Making A Comeback?

14th April, 2011

The performance of thriller writer Wilbur Smith’s latest book suggests that e-book sales (at very low prices) do not necessarily threaten print book sales. In…

Should Barnes & Noble Go From Bookstore To Nookstore?

13th April, 2011

In the late 1990s, the book industry was upended by the rise of the superstore. With big footprints in exurban shopping centers, Barnes & Noble…

How Book Publishing Has Changed Since 1984

13th April, 2011

In April 1984, I arrived at Random House as a senior editor after nearly two decades at the Washington Post. Publishing is now undergoing the…

New eBook Lending Site Launched

12th April, 2011

This past week saw the launch of a 9th eBook lending site. Kinboox is currently focused only on lending Kindle eBooks, and like most lending…

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Amazon Cuts Price of Kindle Reader, With Caveat

11th April, 2011

Amazon will lower the price of it electronic reader by showing ads as screensavers and at the bottom of the home screen, and by selling special offers.

HarperCollins Reconsidering Library eBook Restrictions?

8th April, 2011

A little over 6 weeks ago the Big 6 publisher HarperCollins announced that it would no longer allow library eBooks to be checked out indefinitely….

Library eBooks Now Available On Blackberry

7th April, 2011

Overdrive has released an updated version of its Media Console app for Blackberry. The previous version, released last year, only supported audiobooks. The new one…

Barnes & Noble Now Allows Nook App Submissions (But Nothing Dirty, Please)

7th April, 2011

Barnes & Noble just announced that they’re opening their Nook platform to developers and will now begin accepting apps. If you thought this was a great opportunity to submit your “Fart Blaster” or “Ragdoll Boobies” app, think again: B&N will…

Pamela Newton: The Achilles Heel of the Kindle

6th April, 2011

I am one of those book lovers unsettled by Kindles. But now I think I’ve finally spotted an actual weakness in the Kindle.

Laura Conrad Lands 3-Book Deal

5th April, 2011

Lauren Conrad — whose debut teen novel, L.A. Candy, hit No. 1 on a New York Times bestseller list — just scored another three-book deal…

Dying Content Farms May Turn to eBooks for Survival

5th April, 2011

While Demand Media and their recently redesigned eHow property were – for the most part – unaffected by the broomsweep of Google’s algorithm change, a lot of SEO-driven content farms took huge hits in terms of traffic. According to a study from S…

Barnes & Noble Nook Subscribers Will Be Able To Access The For Free

5th April, 2011

A week after Amazon Kindle New York Times subscribers received word that their subscriptions granted them free access to the paper’s website, Barnes & Noble Nook subscribers will also soon be able to access for free.

The New York Ti…

Harry Potter ebooks not due for a spell yet

5th April, 2011

Book trade impatient for electronic publication, but JK Rowling still considering her optionsA date for the release of the most eagerly awaited ebooks of them all, JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series, remains tantalisingly unconfirmed despite excitable…

Advice for Amanda Hocking from authors and agents

4th April, 2011

When Amanda Hocking, the 26-year-old poster girl for self-publishing, revealed her $2 million book c

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Will Harry Potter Books Soon Be Available On iPad And Kindle?

4th April, 2011

HE IS more comfortable with platform 9¾ than the electronic devices of the muggle world, but, despite that, Harry Potter is about to go digital…

Random House Adds Videogame Partner

4th April, 2011

Random House and videogame producer THQ agreed to collaborate on original works that include graphic novels, electronic books and digital games.

Conduit Acquires Web Application Platform Wibiya For $45 Million: Sources

2nd April, 2011

Exclusive – No, Conduit was not acquired for a billion dollars or more by Google or Microsoft … yet (although one executive suggested to me in a phone call this week that the company should, in fact, be worth about half of Facebook’s valuation on…

Publishing Industry: Dead Or Alive?

1st April, 2011

While traditional publishing is no longer the only game in town, publishing is very much alive.

Ilene Barth: A Goliath Comes for a Small Publishing Daniel

31st March, 2011

I write \”White House\” at my peril. In a letter the counsel to the president complains that Red Rock Press has used \”White House\” in a title of a book that lacks White House \”approval or endorsement.\”

Estimates Point To 3 Million Nooks Color Sold

29th March, 2011

Digitimes “sources” are stating that 3 million Nooks Color have rolled off the assembly line and into stores over the past year, giving the Nook Color firmly at 50% of the “iPad-like” tablet market. They estimated 600,000-700,000 sales per month in J…

Kindle Subscribers Will Be Able To Access For Free

28th March, 2011

Amazon has just announced that Kindle users who subscribe to The New York Times on their device will receiving access to news site for free. The date in which this access will hit has not been determined, according to the release.

As we reported l…

Penny C. Sansevieri: How to Write and Publish the (almost) Perfect Book

28th March, 2011

When it comes to publishing, there is a certain recipe for success. And while nothing is guaranteed, there are significant activities which must happen in order for your book to have a chance at success.

Dorchester Publishing Boycott Launched

25th March, 2011

Yesterday novelist Brian Keene detailed his long struggle with Dorchester Publishing, calling on readers and writers to boycott the publisher. More than 100 authors have…

Nickelodeon To Release Children’s eBooks Exclusively For NookColor, NookKids

25th March, 2011

Barnes & Noble has just scored another exclusive deal for the Nook eBookstore. Nickelodeon will soon release its first children’s eBooks,and you won’t be able…

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Tim O’Reilly on Piracy, Tinkering, and the Future of the Book

25th March, 2011

Tim O’Reilly has removed anti-piracy measures from his e-books. “We’re delighted when people who can

Kindle Millionaire Amanda Hocking Goes Traditional

24th March, 2011

It’s no wonder that Amanda Hocking, the 26-year-old “Kindle millionaire” who says she’s sold almost

Book Ruling Cuts Options for Google

24th March, 2011

Google may seek help from Congress as it tries to salvage a book publishing settlement that was rejected by a federal judge.

Barnes & Noble Likely To End Up WIthout Buyer?

23rd March, 2011

Barnes & Noble Inc., the largest U.S. bookstore chain, is likely to end its months-long search for a buyer without a sale of the company,…

The Kindle-Killer That Wasn’t

23rd March, 2011

Throw away your iPad. Trash your Kindle. The future of reading is made of something far more innovative, and it’s called “paper.” The flipback is, according to Patrick Kingsley at the UK Guardian, an ingenious new kind of printed book designed for th…

Judge Rejects Google Books Settlement: Make It Opt-In

22nd March, 2011

Federal Judge Denny Chin ruled against the proposed settlement between Google and written content creators, saying that the proposed $125 million agreement (in discussion since 2009) is over-broad, and takes too many liberties on the part of orphan w…

Microsoft vs Barnes & Noble: Who Really Wins?

22nd March, 2011

Microsoft vs Barnes & Noble: Who Really Wins? Microsoft didn’t hold back in its opening salvo: “We have tried for over a year to reach licensing agreements with Barnes & Noble, Foxconn and Inventec. Their refusals to take licenses leave us no…

Ebooks: durability is a feature, not a bug

8th March, 2011

HarperCollins’ attempt to ensure ebooks in libraries can only be loaned out 26 times is indefensibleWhen I was a high-school student in Toronto, I loved working in libraries. I spent a glorious summer inputting the ISBN of every book in a junior-high…

Book apps show what a great time it is to be a publisher

24th February, 2011

Unlike ebooks, book apps offer a decent degree of animation and interactivityThis year is a fun – and challenging – time to be a book publisher. Ebooks are growing fast, bringing digital distribution opportunities, but also arguments about revenu…

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So Much For Apple’s Flirtation With Openness

1st February, 2011

Today, the New York Times is reporting that Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) is changing its policy for allowing apps to deliver content that was paid for somewhere other than in the app where Apple would get a cut. This came to light when Sony was for…

Ebook revolution accelerates in sales and status

28th January, 2011

Amazon is reporting Kindle edition sales outstripping paperbacks in the US, and the Booker prize jury is now reading on ebooksThe ebook revolution has swept past two more milestones in its ferocious advance upon the bastions of literary culture. As t…

Amazon’s ebook sales eclipse paperbacks for the first time

27th January, 2011

Amazon announces that Kindle ebook sales have now overtaken its total sales of paperback print editions in the USIn what could be a landmark moment in the struggle between old versus new technology, Amazon has announced that it now sells more copies …

Bodice-ripping Mills & Boon novels? There’s an app for that

Publisher Harlequin launches new ebook reader app for iPhone and iPad, tying into its existing websiteGood news for fans of frowning, hard-bodied men with husky voices and a tendency to growl crossly at women before sweeping them off their feet. Roma…